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Outdoor Rocket Toy
Outdoor Rocket Toy
Outdoor Rocket Toy
Outdoor Rocket Toy

Outdoor Rocket Toy

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Bring your rocket toy, run to lawn, easy to assemble, blast this rocket, challenge with your playmates together!
Material: Plastic environmental protection material

Jump, hop and stomp as hard as you can to send these rockets zooming up to a height of 25 feet. A perfect gift for little bundles of energy, this addictive rocket launcher launches 3 rockets at a time into the sky. The rockets are made of foam - perfectly safe to play with and very durable. Gather your friends and family and have a fun time challenging them to fly it higher. The harder you jump, the higher it goes.

Outside Play- Keep kids away from screen time and the sofa. Ideal for outdoor lawn, gardens, yards, parks and even beach games.

  • Launcher with three foam rockets which fly up to 25 ft high - super-fun, light-weight and safe
  • The harder you jump, the higher the rocket goes - this one definitely has high repeat play value
  • Enjoyable for kids and grownups alike - play solo, compete with friends or play with family
  • Simple assembly with detailed instructions on pack
  • Great outdoor game option for birthday parties or gifts for kids